different gifts that you can send your prospects
different gifts that you can send your prospects

different gifts that you can send your prospects

1. Generic gift cards work great because they are available in all different denominations and from many different stores. This is a favorite due to the fact you have a lot of options when it comes to stores, products and pricing.  Grow the Ideas

2. Coffee and beverage gift certificates and cards are some of the best choices, especially if you know what the recipient likes to drink.

3. Info products are fantastic because the cost to produce and distribute them is generally low. Info products like free reports, guides and e-books are some of the best to choose from.

4. Fruit and gift baskets work well for those that have big-ticket transactions and larger margins. These kinds of gifts can have a significant impact depending on what your client likes to eat. Find out in advance should you choose this strategy. That way you’ll make in-roads for any future one on one meetings.

5. Book store gift cards are a safe bet, if you know the prospect or client likes a particular author or subject. This kind of card is a real winner and can be a connection builder. Always ask specific questions to find out specifics, that way you’ll get farther with this option.

The gift strategy can be one of the best acquisition and retention strategies for both offline and online businesses. Be willing to test as you go and dig deep to find out what your prospects and clients like and dislike. This way you’ll get further than first and second base.

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